Design and Development

Design and development planning

Planning of Design and development activity consists of: –

  • Planning
  • Review of the plan at identified stages
  • Assign responsibility and authorization for implementation Interface – Identifying organizational interface with different groups and the purchasers if necessary, Maintain a record of the same.
  • Planning output is updated as the design progress.

Design and development Verification

Design and development verification is carried out to ensure that design and development outputs met design and development input requirements specified application and intended use. The method is decided at the stage of the design and development planning. It may consist of comparison with a proven design, comparing out alternative calculations, carrying out demonstration or any other method agreed

Design and development validation

Users need / intended use are ensured by design and development validation. Prototype testing, Lab Testing, Field trials are some of the method used form design and development validation.

Design and development review

Design and development review is carried out at planned intervals to ensure that:

  • Ability and result of design and development meets the requirements of product
  • Problems are identified and necessary actions are taken before finalizing design
  • Design and development review is carried out during planning of each design and development activity. Participants include representative of all function concerned as well as specialist if required. Records of design and development reviews are maintained.