Fly Ash Bricks Machine-Pro-Plus

  • Three Bricks in one mold and both sides working.
  • Color Paver facility available.
  • No use of wooden pallets, reduced repeated investment.
  • Interlocking Road Paver.
  • Brick Mold Interchangeability.


Automation Grade Semi-Automatic/ Automatic
Material Mild Steel
Brick Type Solid
Capacity 900 Bricks/ Hour
Tolerance 0.5 – 1 mm
Voltage 415 V , 50Hz
Movement Of Table Sliding
Hydraulic System Yes
Motor Capacity For Hydraulic System 7.5 HP
Hydraulic Valve Yes
Voltage required Hydraulic Valve 24 V DC
Operating Process PLC Based with HMI (Human-Machine Interface)
Number Of Mould/Machine 1 Set
Hydraulic Pressure @Main Cylinder 80-120 Bar
Hydraulic Pressure @ Ejection  Cylinder 40-60 Bar
Hydraulic Oil Tank Capacity 90 Lit.
Oil Grade Grade 68
Brick Size 9”x4”x(3”-4”)



and customised size

Net Weight Of Machine 1500 Kg (Approx.)