CLC Mixer

The basic Foam Concrete is made from mixing aqueous foam which is produced from foam generator into slurry of cement, fly ash or sand, water and other additives in a precise mixing in foam concrete mixer for accurate mixing without disturbing its original chemical and physical properties.

The final mixture result many small air cells uniformly distribute through the concrete which will create cellular structural material densities ranging from 300 kg/m3 to 1800 kg/m3 with compressive strength between 5kg/cm2 to 2000kg/cm2. The precise control of the volume of air cell on foam concrete will result controlled densities and strength of foam concrete.

The final mixture is either pumped or transfer manually for casting of block, panel, precast, items, prefabricated house, void filling, roof insulation, floor screeds and many other applications without any vibration or compaction.


  • Light in weight.    High fire protection.
  • High sound insulation.
  • Lower water absorption.
  • High thermal insulation.
Overall Dimensions(LX WXH) 1500x4000x1600
Capacity 500-1000 Lit.
Output Shaft Speed 30-35 RPM
Stirrer Type Spiral Blade for Mixing
Motor Power 7.5 HP
Materials MS
Voltage 440 V